BCS Winter Photo Challenge

I am writing in english today because I want to take part in the Braymere Custom Saddlery Winter Photo Challenge. Have you seen it? So much fun!

So here is my entry:

1. Vintage

My two oldest model horses. They are from the 1940s or early 1950s and my father got them as a gift when he was a child. They survived all the years.

2. Nekkid

Penny as Lady Godiva on her medieval warhorse

3. Scale Issues

My husband Michael in a danish miniature village we visited. I had a lof of fun there! See the whole story here.

4. I See Spots

Hi! Who are you?

5. Unbridled Passion

6. Rare Breed

Gizmo, a french Henson Horse

(customized my Juliane Garstka, Luckenbachranch)

7. Portrait

That is very special to me. The grandfather of Silke, a fellow model collector, served in WW II as a mounted soldier. This is a portrait of him in his uniform, his Trakehner horse "Hans" and his tack.

Kim Koenig sculpted and painted "Hans" after a picture of the horse, and I made his tack and the soldier's clothes.

Nobody of us wanted to glamorize the war in any way. (that's why we left out the weapons) Silke just wanted a memory of her granddad and his beloved horse.

She brought me a real WW II military saddle so that I could look at it closely:

This kind of saddle is still popular with trail riders, because it is sturdy and balances the weight in a good way.

8. Conga

Love my Cantering Welsh Ponies!

9. The Great Outdoors

My little riders love camping and riding on the beach in Denmark!

10. Best in Show

Thank you for stopping by! :-)